Stock Reservation

Introduced in Version 15

Stock reservation, also known as inventory reservation, refers to the practice of setting aside a specific quantity of stock or inventory for a particular purpose or customer.

1. Prerequisites

  • Enable Stock Reservation in Stock Settings. stock reservation settings5cee61

2. Stock Reservation against Sales Order

  • Create a Sales Order. sales order9407a4

  • Check the reserve stock for items you want to reserve. reserve stock checkbox100a2c

  • Click on Stock Reservation , then select Reserve . Choose the warehouse and quantity, and finally, click on the Reserve Stock button. reserve stock demobe5804

  • Stock reservation entries are created against the sales order items. stock reservation entriesef4510

3. Stock Unreservation

There are two ways to unreserve the stock.

  1. Stock Unreservation from Sales Order:

    • Open a Sales Order and click on Stock Reservation > Unreserve button, the Stock Reservation Entries gets cancelled. unreserve stock from sales order
  2. Unreserve the stock from the Stock Reservation Entry DocType:

    • 2.1 Open a Stock Reservation Entry and cancel it by clicking the Cancel button. cancel sre

    • 2.2 Go to the Stock Reservation Entry List, select the entries you wish to cancel, and then click on Actions > Cancel . bulk cancel sre

  1. Sales Order