Scheduling Tool

This tool can be used to create 'Course Schedules'.

Scheduling Tool

1. Creating Course Schedules

  • Select Student Group for which you need to create Course Schedules.
  • Select Course, Room and Instructor for Course Schedules.
  • Enter From Time and To Time for Course Schedule.
  • Enter Start Date and End Date of the Course (Course Schedules will be created within this date range)
  • Enter Day of the week on which you want to schedule the Course.
  • Click on the 'Schedule Course' button
  • The system will create Course Schedules if the Room and Instructor are available and there is no conflict for the selected Student Group with other Course Schedules.

2. Rescheduling

  • If you wish to reschedule Course Schedules created against a Course, follow the instructions for creating course schedules
  • Check the 'Reschedule' checkbox and then click 'Schedule Course' button.
  • System will delete existing Course Schedules for specified Course within the mentioned Course Start Date and Course End Date and crate new Course Schedules.

3. Video Tutorial on Scheduling Tool